lunes, agosto 15, 2011

"Dios de la Guerra"

Despues de una eternidad actualizo el blog...jaja con un nuevo cuadro al oleo,con mucha influencia del gran Frazetta ,sera que le debia un homenaje.

La foto un desastre,pero tenia vagancia de escanear...estos dias voy a estar actualizando mas seguido

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Xavier dijo...


I'm Xavier from Croatia in Europe.
I'm a graphic designer but not an illustrator.
I'm working on a board game. I'm an amatuer and I need fantasy illustrations.
I'm sending you some cards so you can see how they should look like.

I'll be honest with you. I don't have any money. This is my first time to try to make a board game. I'm aware of your hard work that you put into your art.

So here it goes...
Can you please allow me to use your illustrations on my cards?
I need:

If you have more illustrations, please give me a link or send it to me. I'll be happy to view them.

I'll put your name (or nickname) on a playing card. Your name will be on a manual of the game too.
This game will be published on Croatian language in Croatia. I'll send you a copy of an english version if I manage to sell it world wide. If this ever happens, I'll pay you 500 USD for your every illustration. If game gets big, really big, I'll pay you much more.

Please, consider this and reply to me.

Have a nice day,
Kresimir Babic aka Xavier